10 Thanksgiving Table Decoration Tips

Growing up mealtime (is it okay to call it mealtime? anyhow) on the weekends was our family time, everyone was super busy during the week between school and work so the weekends and especially on Sundays was our time to catch up on EVERYTHING especially the last family gossips.

That it would usually go like this, waking up around 9 am my mom has ready her famous Sunday pancakes ( that tradition is still alive to these days and now pass it on to my nieces, always pancakes on Sundays no questions asked) then we gather around the dining table eating and chatting for about 3 straight hours (without even exaggerating), we get up now because we have to clean the house,
but no before someone says "so... what are we eating for lunch?" because is already lunchtime, right?
then lunch happens around 3 pm, and we eat more and chat, even more, clear the table and drink coffee, when the coffee is over and is already around 5:30 we would go to watch a movie together, for dinner we might have more coffee and my brother a milkshake

That's why for me, gathering around the table during the holidays is not taken easy, and is never rushed, from what we're going to eat, drink, to the table setup, and all the decor involved, there are no shortcuts and requires a lot of planning and attention to details, plus I've worked in events coordination for almost all my life so I might have high expectations when it comes to my parties haha  

Holidays are an exceptional time of the year where you cherish a precious moment with those you love the most whether your family or in my case (most of the time) friends that are family, so take your time to celebrate the occasion, here are some inspirational table setups tips to bring your holiday party to the next level

10 Useful Tips for your Thanksgiving Table Decoration

1. Napkin Rings

You can make a natural napkin ring for your Thanksgiving Dinner with some fresh rosemary, cinnamon, and twine; this will add a beautiful earthy look to the table 

Get the look: Green Gingham Napkins Set of 4 

Thanksgiving Table Decoration

2. BYOS (Bring Your Own Style) 

add colors and styles that resonate with you, and add a few details of the season to bring it to the occasion 

Source: onekindesign.com

Get the look: Blue Gingham Table Runner 

10 Useful Tips for your Thanksgiving Table Decoration

3. Make an Impression 

How about if next time you throw a party you step out a little further and have a feast as a centerpiece? I mean, how cool is that? especially if you have a small place, this will be an option of where you can place your mezes 

Source: mynameisnickerdoodle.com 

Get the look: Banquet Serving Board 

10 Tips for your Thanksgiving Table Decoration

4. Go Green 

And when I say green I mean all the beautiful natural textures and colors of the season, that will for sure elevate the look of your table, get a basket and fill it up with some wheat and pumpkins or some corn and voilá!  

Source: ourvintagehomelove

Get the look: Small Seagrass Baskets Set of 3

10 Tips for your Holiday Table Decor

5. It's All About The Little Details 

Last year I wrap some ribbon around the chairs, and that made a whole difference, so let your creativity shine this time of the year, people will love it, see the rest of our outdoor Friendsgiving Decoration from last year

10 Useful Tips for your Thanksgiving Table Decor

6. This The Season for Cozy 

Your table can also use little layers, candles, and wood; I love this table set up with the candles and the wood and greenery, you shouldn't settle for traditional this time of the year   

source: Lonny Magazine 

Get the look: Wood Serving Board Round

10 Tips for your Thanksgiving Table Decoration

7. Layer Up 

We all love textiles, patterns, and colors; you can achieve this by adding unique pieces to your decor, maybe throwing a couple of blankets around the dining table for whoever might need them? 

source: hometalk.com

Get the look: Wool Kilim Throw 

10 Useful Tips for your Thanksgiving Table Decoration

8. Bring the Outdoors Indoors 

No need to break the budget to achieve the look, go to the grocery store, get some greenery like some eucalyptus and throw then around the table, I am sure your guest will love it, also how about some beautiful chargers? again don't settle for traditional, this splash painted ones are a game-changer     

Get the look: Splash Painted Enamel Dinner Plates

10 Useful Tips for your Thanksgiving Table Decor

9. Use What You Already Have 

Somebody gave me this idea of using your Turkish towels as a table runner, I tried it for one dinner event I had, and it looked gorgeous, they add so much texture to the table plus they are a great conversation starter 

source: ironandtwine.com 

Get the look: Turkish Cotton Blanket

10 Thanksgiving Table Decoration Tips

10. Napkins are Important

As great as a beautiful folding or napkin ring is the napkin itself, this is what will complete the look on the table. I love this table set up how they placed some cotton and candles as a centerpiece you can also put some lovely greenery in the middle, how about using some plant pots for the look? 

source: dresscorilynn

Get the look: Small Wood Carving Pot 

10 Thanksgiving Table Decoration Tips

Don't forget to take some time to share what are you grateful for that night 

Happy Thanksgiving 







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