4 Easy Steps to Start Curating Your Wall Decor - Design School Sunday - Sigrid & Co.

4 Easy Steps to Start Curating Your Wall Decor - Sigrid & Co.

Hello, Friend! It's time for another Design School Sunday, a series of blog posts that I have created to help you make your house a home, adding soul, story and making it more meaningful to you. In Sigrid & Co., we love to live by a sustainable living concept that no only gives back but also help you live a more conscious lifestyle. 

Today I'm talking about wall decor; decorating the walls was never easy for me. I like to think that growing up in a minimalistic, clutter-free home made me not feel comfortable with the fact of filling my walls with art and objects, especially more than one art piece.

So, I was always wondering, Where do I start decorating my walls? How is the best way to decorate my walls without making them look and feel clutter? How many art and objects should I included when I start styling the walls? How do I achieve a cohesive and harmonious look? One large piece vs. a few small ones? Have you ever wonder about these same questions? Well, keep reading while we share some inspiration and tips about how to start curating your walls.

4 Easy Steps to Start Curating Your Wall Decor - Sigrid & Co.

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Start Here

First, keep in mind that even when an art print is being so popular all over the web and social media, it doesn't mean that it will work for you. Look for objects, photographs, art pieces, or prints that represent who you are; maybe places that you want to go or have been, a print of a quote that you stand for, photographs of loved ones or unique places, that unique art piece that speaks to you, perhaps.
Start gathering those elements that you want to share with others, and that will fill your heart with joy every time you see them.
Visit thrift and artisan stores, and don't forget to shop around your own home (Btw, check the accessories collection in my shop, to find one of a kind and unique wall decor pieces to complete your walls). Remember, they might not make sense for others but you, and that's all that matters.

4 Easy Steps to Start Curating Your Wall Decor - Sigrid & Co.

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4 Easy Steps to Start Curating Your Wall Decor - Sigrid & Co.

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Make it Cohesive

Once you gather enough elements for your walls or wall, it's time to organize them; think about the wall decor about one massive piece of art that is composed of other smaller pieces of art and accessories; they all have to get along and complement each other.
Does it have a theme, maybe coastal, rustic, or a global feeling? Does it share the same color palette, or have you decided on contrasting colors?
Make these decisions, and work around them, think about the story you want to tell, and then incorporate the pieces that best do this for you. Sometimes it will mean to leave some things behind, and that's ok, after all, they're plenty of walls in a home.

4 Easy Steps to Start Curating Your Wall Decor - Sigrid & Co.

4 Easy Steps to Start Curating Your Wall Decor - Sigrid & Co.

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Choose a Layout

There are so many layouts to choose from that I will dedicate layouts to a whole new blog post, but here are some basics. Choose between large and smaller formats to create a fun curate look, or you can go for a more symmetry look, putting 6 or 8 frames of the same size together. Pro Tip: When playing around with different frame sizes and wall accents, keep some straight lines, they will help you keep the balance.

4 Easy Steps to Start Curating Your Wall Decor - Sigrid & Co.
One Large Piece vs. a Collection of Smaller Ones

Gallery walls might not be for everyone, but that doesn't mean that you can't style your walls; large scale wall art is perfect for adding some refined style and anchoring a room and, at the same time add some color and help to tight the room together.
You can even play with these two concepts in a room, a gallery wall in one and a large scale in the other, it's all about the style and the feeling that you want to communicate in a room.
Some people prefer gallery walls in the living room, or dining area while keeping a more modest, calming feeling in the bedroom with a large scale print. It's all about what feels right for you in the room that you are decorating.

4 Steps to Start Curating Your Wall Decor - Sigrid & Co.

Have you been working on a wall decor project lately? Do you love gallery walls or prefer some large format decor for your walls?

I want to hear all about it, and don't forget to check my Instagram page, where I share daily decor inspiration—needing some inspiration to decorate your walls? Check my wall decor accessories in the shop!

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  • Great tips! I have a few blank walls that need some love, and it just so happens we’re home kind of a lot these days (right??). So this inspires me to finally make them beautiful to look at while I’m home!


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