5 Easy Ways of Updating Your Bedroom (Without Breaking the Bank)

5 Easy Ways of Updating Your Bedroom (Without Breaking the Bank) - Sigrid & Co.

Today in Design School Sunday we are talking about how to give your bedroom decor an instant refresh in a budget! No need to break the bank to have a stylish bedroom, and this is something that you can do in a weekend or less, this are my favorite ways to update your bedroom!

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Today on Design School Sunday, I want to talk with you about five easy ways of updating the look of your bedroom decor without breaking the bank! As always in Sigrid & Co., we focus on creating meaningful spaces that will add to your home a sense of belonging and soul and help you live a more sustainable lifestyle. If you're new around here, Sigrid & Co., it's a home decor and lifestyle brand that collaborates with artisans worldwide, bringing you ethically made goods from around the globe. You can visit the store for more.

5 Easy Ways of Updating Your Bedroom (Without Breaking the Bank) - Sigrid & Co.

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1. Wallpaper

I love the modern wallpaper! And now more than ever, you can find a variety of companies that offer an easy peel and stick method. You can even find some for the floor and kitchen backsplash! Also, if you have a rental bedroom, you can still enjoy the beautiful, stylish looks that an elegant wallpaper gives to a room, without the commitment. There's one for every style, color, or taste, plus there are so easy to install that you can DIY (do it yourself) and make this a fun weekend update project. There are perfect for small or big accent walls; you decide where you want to be the main focus of the room, where all eyes, and more importantly yours, will be drawn and add some wallpaper there, for a chic, full of personality bedroom.

5 Easy Ways of Updating Your Bedroom (Without Breaking the Bank) - Sigrid & Co.
2. Throw Pillows

Is a room complete without the throw pillows? They will add coziness, texture, and warmth to your bedroom, making it feel inviting, relaxing, completing your sanctuary. It's so easy to change a few pillows, and they will make a massive difference once you refresh them. A bedroom is a place where you decompress after a long day and start fresh the next one make it an appealing one. Depending on your bed and style of the rest of the bedroom, consider what pillow combination will work best, one that also adjusts to your lifestyle.

I have to keep it minimalist; otherwise, my SO won't stop complaining every night when we have to move all the pillows away.
I designed a grande lumbar pillow for my shop, to add the right amount of texture and warmth but with less to move away at night, and it's been a favorite in my home (no more complaining) and my shop. Now in my apartment of single at some point had over ten pillows in my bed, and let me say, I regret nothing! It looked gorgeous, ha! Check the collection of Throw Pillows here

5 Easy Ways of Updating Your Bedroom (Without Breaking the Bank) - Sigrid & Co.
3. Layers

Since we are talking about your bedroom, we need to give enough attention to your bed, and, a beautiful comforter, it's necessary, also consider adding the right layers to your bed. Bed skirt, fitted sheet, flat sheet, comforter or quilt (I prefer a quilt in warmer weathers or seasons) and finish the looks with some throws! Accent throws will instantly elevate the design and look of your bedroom, you can throw them casually in the bed, or as a bed runner, you'll know what works best for you, and what goes better with your design style, or maybe you want to switch it from day to day for an instant refresh. Just make sure that everything in the bed and bedroom works together in harmony, read my blog about how to decorate your bedroom like a designer for more tips that you can apply here. Check the collection of Accent Throws here

5 Easy Ways of Updating Your Bedroom (Without Breaking the Bank) - Sigrid & Co.

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4. Plants

I will never get tired of talking about adding plants to your lifestyle. I still remember when I got my first plant baby, it was a Fiddle Leaf Tree, I named him Leopoldo, and he didn't die! And I'm looking at him as I write this, he has grown so big and healthy, so after I manage to keep one alive, more started to come, so now I have a collection of around 15-20? Maybe? I lost count, and I am propagating some this spring, meaning more plant babies on their way. They will add so much life and color to your home and bedroom; they also purify the air, add some calm, and it's so rewarding to see them grow as you take care of them! Even water day gets personal! We all need plants in our lives. Should I make a post about my favorite indoor plants? 

5 Easy Ways of Updating Your Bedroom (Without Breaking the Bank) - Sigrid & Co.
5. Rugs

Some people underestimate the power or a beautiful rug nicely placed underneath the bed, or small areas around the bedroom. There's a "design rule" that every room should start with the rug and build up the style and design of the room around it; I'm not a firm believer of such rule, especially in the current days of designs where we find so many influences and styles. I think you should start with your favorite piece in the room could be a painting, the canopy bed frame, a beautiful mirror, etc. and build up your bedroom decor around it, and if that happens to be a rug, then that's great! If not, find a carpet that will help you tight your bedroom together. Think about using the same color scheme, same theme, era, or organic material, but that will blend flawlessly with the rest of the bedroom. There are so many sizes, colors styles, and textures when it comes to rugs, find the one that is your style and goes well with your bedroom decor. Consider the option to layer a couple of rugs for extra character. Check the collection of accent rugs here

5 Easy Ways of Updating Your Bedroom (Without Breaking the Bank) - Sigrid & Co.

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Bonus: Paint!

Don't undervalue the power of paint, a quick trip to a Thrift Store or a cheap furniture item in IKEA plus paint can make the simple pieces of furniture look like an upscale one!
Contemplate the idea of creating an accent wall with some paint; I always use the sample sizes from Home Depot they're only $3! a weird little corner? Add some color, some wall accessories, and voilá! Or create a wall arch using only paint, they're all over social media now, and no wonder why, they are an easy DIY, and they look so good!

Which one of these five updates will you be working on next?

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