5 Ways to Style a Throw Blanket on a Sofa

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5 Ways to Style a Throw Blanket on a Sofa

5 Ways to Style a Throw Blanket on a Sofa 

Hello everyone! Kim here from KC Design Co., and I am so excited to share my 5 Ways to Style a Throw Blanket with Sigrid & Co.! 


It’s no secret that I LOVE throw blankets! I have quite the growing collection, but there’s a reason for all those blankets. It is one of the easiest ways to add a fresh look to any space, and today I am going to share my tips for styling them on a sofa. 

5 Ways to Style a Throw Blanket on a Sofa 

1. Draped Down the Front

We are starting with my favorite, casually draped over the seat of your sofa. Pinch the throw blanket a little higher than halfway and give it a toss! If you don’t have a chaise, this works coming down the front of the sofa too! It brings a relaxed feeling to any room.

5 Ways to Style a Throw Blanket on a Sofa

2. Folded Over the Front 

For a more put-together look, fold your throw blanket in half a few times and drape it down the front of your sofa.

 5 Ways to Style a Throw Blanket on a Sofa

3. Over the Arm  

Fold or drape a throw blanket over the arm of the sofa. It won’t take up any extra room, and it’s an easy grab when you are ready to snuggle up with a cup of tea and a good book. 


KC Tip- Fold any throw with fringe or tassels, so the front is shorter than the back. Then you can see all of the beautiful details! 

 5 Ways to Style a Throw Blanket on a Sofa

4. Over the Top 

Styling a throw blanket over the top of your sofa is almost like adding an extra throw pillow. It’s a simple way to add additional color, texture, and pattern. The throw can be draped or folded too!

5 Ways to Style a Throw Blanket on a Sofa

5. Across the Back

If your sofa floats in the middle of the room, try draped across the back, this is the perfect solution for some much needed visual interest. Just fold it in half and tuck one side behind the cushions, and your look is complete. 


KC Tip- Don’t be afraid to use more than one throw blanket on your sofa for extra layers of texture and coziness!


I hope you enjoyed my styling tips! I’d love to see all the fun ways you are styling your throw blankets! 


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