Best Indoor Home Plants

With spring just a few weeks away is a good time to think about how can you update the look of your home and get rid of all the winter blues and welcome to a more colorful, cheerful season ahead, and what better to bring some color inside. 

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monstera deliciosa

photo via: Mango and Salt

Plants are an excellent complement to your decor too, bringing all the greenery and energy inside, plus they help you purify the air around your home 

we have put together all our favorite Indoor Home Plants to help you make a decision next time you visit the Home Depot gardening aisle 


They are small, and they can fit anywhere, regardless the size of your place, you can group them in different varieties to make them all stand out (one of our favorites is the Aloe Vera) 


Spider Plant 

I used to have this plant around home when I was a kid, and I used to love it, its a fun easy to care plant, no wonder it's been a classic for decades

Spider Plant

photo via Homedit

Snake Plant

Perfect for low light spaces, and is easy to care, this cactus is one of my favorites, is so bold and will add a lot of character to any room around the house

Sneake Plant

photo via: Magnolia

Fiddle Leaf Fig

The Fiddle Leaf Fig is the plant that started my love for indoor plants. However, things are going to be a little more challenging with this one, don't over water it, dust it, and always keep an eye on it, other than that is just gorgeous 

Fiddle Leaf Fig

photo via: Style Me Pretty

Birds of Paradise Plant

I am obsessed with this plant; if you have high ceilings this will be perfect for you, this is a singular plant and a show stopper

Birds of Paradise Plant

English Ivy 

Its timeless look will add a chic, stylish look to your space, we have seen hanging plants everywhere lately so you will want to keep this one close, you can place them hanging next to a window, styling a bookshelf, a bathroom you name it, the result is always beautiful

English Evy

 photo via: Good House Keeping 

Rubber Tree 

These dark green leaves will add the perfect green to your room, these can grow very tall (8 foot tall) but if you are looking for something smaller just prune the long steam 

Rubber Tree

photo via: Gardening Know How

Peperomia Plant

The peperomia is a fun shape plant, love the shiny leaves, and they are perfect to hang next to succulents, there is a variety of them in different colors

Peperomia Plant

Monstera Deliciosa Plant

also, know as Split Leaf Philodendron, this plant is going to be everywhere on 2018, the word says it will be the new Fiddle Leaf Tree this year, and no wonder why, those big shiny leaves are perfect for any decor style

Monstera Deliciosa

Photo via: Mango and Salt

Good luck trying your green thumb this Spring, all these plants are easy to care and some of them hard to kill, so don't be afraid to incorporate some greenery into your home decor, 

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