Blue Throw Pillows To Love!

Blue Throw pillows are EVERYONE'S favorite! Why? Because first, is the #1 most liked color among people and second, because they go so smooth with every decor style and look so good in every room around the house! And no wonder why; blue is also associated with depth, stability, and cleanliness and considered beneficial for the mind and body producing a calming effect. So if you are wondering about getting that blue throw pillow, the answer is YES! Get it now! And to help you in the process we have round up our favorite Blue Throw Pillows in this post, so you don’t miss out!

Blue Throw Pillows To Love!

In case you’re new around here and didn’t know yet, artisans around the world handcraft all of our home accents, including our variety of Throw Pillows, we work with a variety of artisan communities in different parts of the world producing every one of our products; through this collaboration, we support communities in different countries, so far, Mexico, Peru, Guatemala and India, we grow together in a sustainable, conscious way that not only empowers and makes our artisans enjoy the production process but also allows them to learn new techniques, designs, and more people from their communities to join the process, meaning? If we grow, the community grows as well, and that’s one of the most enjoyable parts of our job!

Blue Pillows to Love!

Ok! Back to the throw pillows! In the site you will find a wide variety of them, from Vintage Indigo Blue Pillows to hand-loomed Blue Pillows, bold patterns or more subtle ones; big 36” x 36” sizes to the can’t-miss-it small blue lumbar pillow, but we can guarantee you this, they will all look perfect in your home!

Blue Pillows Sigrid & Co.

Since this is a blog post and we don’t want you to spend your day scrolling down (Some of you are probably at work right now ;) we have put together all of our Blue Throw Pillows here, but keep scrolling just a little more, so you can find our favorite ones! Most of them are a one of a kind treasure and sometimes we are not able to restock them or the waiting period can take longer than usual, so we always recommend to get yours before they’re gone and you"ll have to wait for restocking or don’t see them again!

Indigo Blue Pillow 24x24 Hand Block Printed 

Lumbar Pillow 12x24 Vintage African Mudcloth 

Indigo Blue Pillow 20x20 Vintage African Mudcloth 

Lumbar Pillow Handmade in Peru 

Blue Striped Pillow Handmade in Mexico 

Blue Throw Pillow Handmade in Mexico 

You can also find more colors of Throw Pillows on the site; we have a great selection to choose from to pair with your new Blue Pillow!

Happy Shopping! 




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