Creating a Meaningful Space for a Meaningful Life

Creating a Meaningful Space for a Meaningful Life

If you’re new to Sigrid & Co. (Formerly Meraki Home Accents), or if you just want to learn a little bit more about creating a meaningful life through your space, I’d love to share with you a little about what we do and how you can create a more conscious living environment that also makes an impact on other people’s lives. In turn, this lifestyle can result in a more meaningful and grateful life. Sigrid & Co. has a passion for helping communities in developing countries by employing artisans and offering them a chance at a better quality of life.  When you support Sigrid & Co., you not only support these artisans, but you also support a small business. We hope that you can see how creating a meaningful space using our products can help you create a more meaningful life.

Creating a Meaningful Space for a Meaningful Life

To start, our products are all hand selected and handmade by artisans in developing countries. You won’t find our items mass-produced on a shelf in your local department store. Why does this matter? This creates a more conscious living environment. It creates a market for artisans, and it allows you to get products for your home and life that go far beyond just being a pretty decoration. Our products tell a story that you can then share with others. Making these types of products a priority in your home can help you achieve both the luxury of the product with sustainable practices behind it. Your purchase doesn’t feed a big business, but it allows others the opportunity to grow and continue to create. Our partnerships have continued to grow, and we stand by sustainable practices and our mission each day to give you the best quality with the best story.

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To connect the dots, think about how we take in what surrounds us. We are so in tune with the details of our home and in our lives. Surrounding ourselves with life can bring on joy and help us to practice self-care by thinking a little harder about the products we purchase. We can rest assured knowing that we did our part in helping others and supporting artisans from around the world. At Sigrid & Co., our products are infused with aspects of the country they are from. Bring the world to your home without paying the airfare ticket. Experience some wonder and “awe” in your own home and help to create a space that truly feels meaningful to you. You can feel confident that our fair trade practices are honest and support artisans directly. You can open up doors for people without ever meeting them!

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We carry items for every aspect of your home to bring unique and bold colors into your space. Our shop consists of every item you could need to create your meaningful space, from throw pillows and accent rugs to blankets and throws. We also carry kitchen items and unique and modern lifestyle decorations. Our gift shop holds selected items that we feel confident will make the person on the receiving end feel special and loved. We also believe in self-care, so why not treat yourself to something nice! Whatever your reason for shopping with us is, we hope that you see what makes us special. We hope that you can see how creating a carefully crafted meaningful space can help you live a meaningful life and have an impact on those both near (us!) and far (our artisans!). We believe in and stand behind what we do, and we would love to have you join the Sigrid & Co. family. We hope our curated products can help you feel both thankful and overjoyed to have them in your home. You’ll be able to feel confident in your purchases knowing that you’re supporting artisans and practicing self-care by creating a meaningful space to spend your life and share with others! What story will your space tell?

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