DIY Centerpiece, 4th of July Inspired

Hello there,
We all now that the perfect party decor is not complete without the perfect centerpiece, but don't sweat it, this 4th of July inspired centerpiece is so easy to make that it won't take you more than 5 minutes,

Easy DIY Centerpiece 4th of July Inspired

here is what you will need,

Small American Flags (find this one in Party City)
32onz Mason Jars (we were running around the city trying to find these as they seem to be very popular, go to Michaels they have plenty of them)
White Hydrangeas
Red Carnations

4th of July Party Decor

Notice that you will only need a few carnations to give some pop of colors to the floral arrangement, so one bouquet is more than enough,
depending on how many centerpieces are you planning to make to complete your party decor, you will need more of the Hydrangeas so that I will leave the number to you, in our case we used three bouquets.

Party Ideas, 4th of July Centerpiece

For every centerpiece, you'll need to use two flags, remove the stem of the flag and place it inside of the mason jar, (make sure it's straight and accurately locate) overlap both flags so that you can cover the white spaces at both ends. Fill the jar with water; (this will help the flags to stay in place)

Measure the Hydrangeas and Carnations and cut the stem to make them fit in the jar, insert the Hydrangeas first then put the red Carnations around them, to give that pop of red around the centerpiece,

4th of July DIY Centerpiece

Party Decor DIY 4th of July Centerpiece

Party Decoration Gingham Outdoor 4th of July

Tada! You're done

so easy to make yet a beautiful piece that will put all the party decoration together, make sure to view our previous post on how to set up the perfect and easy 4th of July Party and how to make the perfect Summertime Party Cocktail

To complete the look we used our collection of Gingham Table Runner and Cotton Gingham Napkin in Navy Blue, find our handcrafted Splash Painted tableware collection here

Photography by The Zae List  click the link for more 

Have a Wonderful 4th of July!


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