DIY Christmas Bow

The holiday season is here! That means big, shiny, bold, and beautiful accessories are in. We have a DIY Christmas/Holiday Bow that will go great on a Christmas tree, gifts, on wreaths or just around your home. The bow is a great way to add a simple but elegant touch to your seasonal setup. 
What you'll need:
Step 1: Cut about two feet of wire, then fold in half and twist it.
Step 2: Unroll ribbon from the spool. The more you unroll, the better, it'll be easier to work with it like this. Begin with a loop, starting from the end of the ribbon, shown in the picture below:
Step 3: Make another loop on the opposite side. Make sure they are the same size and that your finger stays pinched in the center of the bow! Bonus tip: if your ribbon is not double sided make a little twist, so you'll show just the right side
How to Make a Christmas Bow DIY
Step 4: Continue with more loops, make sure the loop sizes match! We chose to go with four loops on each side.
Step 5: Remove extra ribbon to your liking. Insert the wire in the center of the bow and wrap around the back. Tie it and cut excess wire. 
Step 6: Separate bow loops gently.
Bonus: if you are working on a big size bow add some ends to make it look more fun and sophisticated, make a loop with the remainder of the ribbon and tied it with the rest 
How to Make a Decorative Bow
How to Make a Christmas Bow DIY
cut the ends to give it a nice look
How to Make a Christmas Bow DIY
DIY Christmas Bow
DIY Christmas Bow
All done! Have fun to decorate with these festive, designer looking elegant bows!
DIY Christmas Bow Tutorial

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