Easter Baskets and Decoration Ideas (for small places)

Easter is finally here, and today I'm sharing with you an excellent an easy idea on how to decorate your Easter Brunch Table and Easter Baskets. With just a few things you can create a stylish setup without the complications, and in a short time, so you can spend more time enjoying the party, than hustling with the details,

Easter Decoration Ideas

Living in a City like New York where the weather is still pretty cold outside for Easter, and also have to deal with some let's say "space challenges" this is a great decoration solution for your Easter gathers, 

You only need the right accent pieces to go along with the whole decor idea that you have for your Easter celebration!

Easter Decoration Ideas for Small Spaces

It is all in the details; to create the basis of our table decor we incorporated some bright spring colors with our Purple Gingham Napkins and matched them with the Cotton Gingham Table Runner in Purple to give a soft pastel tone to the whole setup, 

Easter Table Decoration for Small Spaces

We also picked up some flowers that would color coordinate with the entire palette, and we place them in some ceramic lanterns that we found at the dollar aisle at Target, beautiful right?

Easter Baskets and Decor Ideas

Easter Baskets and Table Decoration


For the baskets and since they were not kids around, we decided to fill them with some fresh fruits, to give the feeling and look of freshness and abundance,  the carrots were an extra touch to put all the easter vibe together although some people would love to eat them right?... I think

you can set the baskets with whatever you want just have fun with it! For the fruits, we used our Round Roll Baskets (they come in three different sizes). These baskets are suitable for any occasion; you can even place a salad bowl inside just to enhance the style of the table.

Easter Baskets and Decoration Idea

Easter Baskets and Decoration Ideas

Easter Baskets and Decoration Ideas

Complete the look with different basket sizes, we one more for the bread but you can even add a bunch if you table allow you to have a more prominent display check our Small Seagrass Baskets they are perfect for that,   

Easter Baskets and Decoration Ideas

Easter Baskets and Decoration Ideas

Easter Baskets and Decoration Ideas

For the tableware, we choose our Hand Splash Painted Bowls, and we add a few colored Easter Eggs inside, 

for the nest, we used some decorative filler that we found at Paper Source, but you can place some cereal and some egg or bunny shaped cholate and incorporate deviled eggs on the table!

Easter Baskets and Table Decoration

Easter Decor and Baskets Ideas

Easter Table Decor and Baskets Ideas

We love the result, it was easy to setup, and had all the bright colors and cheerful feeling that Easter should bring! 

Easter and Baskets Decoration Ideas

Easter and Spring Decor Ideas

Easter and Spring Decoration Ideas

I hope you can find inspiration on this table setup and the Easter baskets. 

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Happy Easter!




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