From India with Love - Handmade Accent Pillows

To bring our new collection of handmade accent pillows, we have partnered with an organization in India that support a group of local artisans through the selling of handmade products,
these people and their families, beyond a salary, they receive housing with water and electricity, health insurance, bonuses and help for their children to attend school,
by connecting these artisans with the opportunity of a new market, we are safeguarding their income and providing them with stability and the chance of a better quality of life for all of them.Handmade Pillows Meraki Home Accents




To create our handmade decorative pillows, these artisans have applied traditional methods like hand-woven and block printing; these techniques take several days to complete and long hours of work to finish each of our decorative pillowcases, and that's where the value of our products is,

We recognize these artisans effort and time spent elaborating the products that you now can bring to your home,
our part of this project is to make these products reachable to more people and at the same time create more awareness about the value of them,
Through this actions we are helping to conserve these communities traditions alive, being this the support of thousands of people in India, offering quality products with modern designs and bright colors to the people.

Handmade Luxury Decorative Pillows

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