How to Choose a Pattern - Home Decorating 101

Sure, we have all hearing about patterns, talk about, choose some when buying clothes or accessories for the house, but have you notice that maybe there is one dress that you feel more drawn to? Perhaps the polka dots? Or the striped one? let's talk about more in deep 

how to choose a pattern

with so many patterns out there we may get lost in what we feel connected with, and just go with what we think will work, instead of choosing something that is "really you."
let's try to identify what is that, that you like concerning patterns, so you don't feel like changing your closet or your home style every week instead you can feel more identified with the space you live in, or are decorating

how to choose a pattern

picture: Hot Pink Striped Accent Bed Runner

First and foremost take a look at your surrounding space, is there any object, wall art, pillow, that you feel are more attracted? Think about your closet, what's your favorite piece or pieces? Maybe even on the accessories that you wear every day and you like the most

How to Choose a Pattern - Home Decorating 101

picture: top: Colotenango X Shag Rug Pink  bottom: Jute and Wool Rug

A good exercise could be taking a look at your favorite pictures on social media (hilarious but useful) what your favorite photos are?
Do you notice anything comparable among those objects/images that you have selected?

Like I said there is a never-ending list of patterns out there, but if you get to identified the basic shape of what you like, that will help you to go a long way, so here is what you need to pay attention to:
Round shapes (dots)

Dot Pattern - Home Decorating 101

picture: Red Dotted 22x22 Accent Pillow


Geometric Pattern - Home Decorating

picture: Greek Key Accent Pillow

Motif (abstract)

Abstract Pattern - Home Decorating

picture: Meraki Accent Spheres

Animal prints, and florals/organic (nature inspired)

Choosing Patterns Floral Prints - Home Decorating 101

photo: Embroidered Red Pillow

How to Choose Patterns - Organic

picture: Valle Accent Vase

Stripes, get specific about it,

Choosing Patterns - Stripes

picture: Blue Jay Accent Pillow

Choosing Patterns Stripes - Home Decorating

picture: Bright Multi Accent Pillow

all of this will create the base of what you know you like, and then you will get to play around, get particular, you love animal prints, but is that cheeta or zebra? stripes, big or small, geometrics, chevron patterns or more like a greek key? you decide,

the discover of what you really like and never paid attention before will be more than fun for you, so try it and let us know how it goes, we would love to hear, 

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  • thank you so much for inspiring me and helping me to find the perfect deco

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