How to Create a Workspace at Home - Design School Sunday

How to Create a Workspace at Home

It's time for another Design School Sunday, and let's be honest here; this COVID-19 and all the working from home has us a little lost, distracted, and not very motivated to finish the tasks that we are supposed to.
I have been working from home for a few years now, mixed with some freelancing and other gigs that make me well, not "working from home 24/7," but when I have had to, I found that having a dedicated space to work from makes a huge difference.


How to Create a Workspace at Home - Design School Sunday

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Not all of us have an office at home; my office is my dining table, thank you, NYC! But that slowly transitioned to my dedicated office space, and we eat... let's say, not at the dining table, haha.

So when a "home office" is a new thing for you, you will need to find ways to make the working from home more comfortable, some of my tips are:

  1. Have a dedicated workspace at home.
  2. Create a routine. And stick to it.
  3. Go for a walk. That will help you clear your mind and thoughts.
  4. Stay connected. Schedule positive calls with friends.
  5. Take a shower and dress up in other clothes that your PJ's.
  6. Have a healthy diet, and don't forget to eat your meals, trust me. I'm guilty of this one.

We are going to focus now on the first one. How to create a workspace at home? These simple tips will help you get started with the task; remember, this has to be a place where you will feel concentrated, inspired, and be meaningful to you while also be functional. Fill it with things that are significant to you, pictures, books, flowers, or plants, whatever makes your little heart happy.

How to Create a Workspace at Home

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Decide Where

It would be the right place to have your new workspace. Maybe near a big window, or a quiet corner when there are not many distractions, facing the wall, or facing outside? Whatever works better for you, decide on the right location. Big or small, size doesn't matter on this one.

How to Create a Workspace at Home

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Style and Furniture

Define a decor style that will work well with the rest of your home; maybe you have a boho-modern or eclectic style, you might not want to go full industrial here but something that blends perfectly with your current home design, and that makes sense, and it's meaningful to you.
Find furniture that is adequate for your new workspace. If you have a small home, choose furniture that can work in different ways, like having some extra storage or a table that expands as a dining table, shelves that you can use to store office supplies but also decorate your home. But ultimately, choose decor and furniture that will make your life easier and working from home a breeze.

How to Create a Workspace at Home - Design School Sunday

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A Tidy Workspace Goes a Long Way

Organize, organize, organize, avoid having a messy work area at home that will be distracting and won't help the juices to get going. Keep the clutter away with boxes and baskets, and keep everything that you need handy. Another reason why the right furniture is so important here!

How to Create a Workspace at Home - Design School Sunday

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Shop Your Own House

Look around your home and repurpose any furniture, lighting, and other objects and accessories that can now be part of your home office. Remember, this is a place to help you to feel focus but also inspired, add objects that represent something to you, make it yours, and add some soul to it.

 How to Create a Workspace at Home

Use Your Walls

As an extra saver space, you can easily place shelves here, create a mood board to keep you inspired, set a bookcase that will hold your book and documents, not just hang art here also find other smart ways to make use of the space.

How to Create a Workspace at Home - Design School Sunday
Once again, make sure the space is functional and feels right to you, whether you have a big or small home, it's doable to have a working space at home without breaking the bank and where you will feel more connected and energized.

Do you have a workspace at home? What are the things that make you stay motivated while working from home?

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  • Excellent pointers! I am trying to design a workspace for home schooling (college program) I am taking and I was confused on what kind of selection I would be happy with but I may have found my match.

  • I am literally drooling over these home offices. You have inspired me to declutter my own home space and dress it up a bit, plus I love that you mention “dress in something other than PJs” I feel that one tip alone helps me SO much with productivity… I don’t know why, but it does.

  • Great tips! I especially appreciate the reminder to use the vertical space – so easy to overlook.


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