How to Mix and Match your Pillows like a Designer

How to Mix and Match your Pillows like a Designer

We had a little getaway this weekend in Montauk; we love to visit this place when is off-season, you get to enjoy like a local, have a better feeling of this cute little town without the crowds. There is so much to do around, last time we were here I went on my first horseback riding, I'm just going to say that I'm glad that I survived haha! I would do it again, but on a private session where I can go to a much slower pace, Montauk it's just the perfect place to recharge and have a lovely weekend, we visited here for the first time last year, and we could agree that now we understand why people love it! It's just that good. 

OK, back to the purpose of this blog post, t's been a while since I write here (guilty), but I'm back to bring you something fun, and that I'm sure you'll enjoy as much as we will do and that is our Design School Sunday!

We will be giving you designer tips and tricks for you to apply at home so that you can have access to a designer looking home, with the right help and the right advice, from our designer friends and us.
We will be bringing you ideas, How To's, Do and Don'ts, tutorials, and more.
I hope you can learn from this, and you can also have the tools that you need to have a meaningful, beautiful home that feels right to you and express and connect with who you are.

So today you are going to learn how to mix accent pillows because we all love decorative pillows, but sometimes you might not be 100% sure of how to do it, How to mix patterns? How to mix and match different pillows? Where do I start?
In a few easy steps, we will teach you how to mix your pillows, because you CAN mix different patterns without compromising style, or make it feel too busy. The number one element you need to pay attention to is the scale of the prints or patterns of the pillows you are working with, and then you will be able to make it work!

Ok, so let's begging. First, there are three different scales of patterns that you need to identify

How to Mx and Match your Pillows like a Designer

Large Scale Patterns

As the name say it, this are larger scale prints or patterns, and will be the base for your story. 

How to Mix and Match your Pillows like a Designer

Medium Scale Patterns

This will looks smaller than the base of your mix (the large scale pattern) but will complement the look you are aiming for. 

How to Mix and Match your Pillows like a Designer
Small Scale Patterns

these sometimes can look as a solid from afar, and will complete the look of your design. 

How you play with them will be totally up to you, BUT make one of them your primary focus, then you will decide how you want to play with the other two, just in a way that makes sense to you! 

They can also be flowers, animals, birds you name it; we will be talking in a different post about patterns, which is a broad topic, but we will try to make it simple for you. Don't worry; you'll quickly be ready to apply these design techniques at home, mixing what you are learning about scale and the different types of prints out there.

Like the previous ones you will decide on the scale that you want to play with them; maybe a large scale floral pillow will look more sophisticated for you, or perhaps a leopard print in a tiny scale will make your mix more modern, it's all about how you play with range. Choose the large scale pattern first and then add others that will complement the story you're telling.

Another great way to do it is by choosing a color palette that will work for your home, more about the color theory on this post, make sure that the narrative you're telling when mixing pillows is cohesive, and blend perfectly in your home.

Here are some of my favorite mix and match pillow combos (they are available in the shop)

How to Mix and Match your Pillows like a Designer

What do you think about this mix of pillows? Would you play with them differently? Is there anything else you would like to know about mixing your pillows like a pro? leave us a comment below

Happy Sunday, friends!


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  • What a super fun ‘101’ kind of class! Let me at my pillows now!!!

    Jackie Corlett
  • I’m so glad you linked over to the color theory post, and I’m intrigued by Montauk.

  • omg. i want all those pillows. hahaha. I am such a huge fan of mudcloth and was very excited to see the mustard one you have! I love mixing bold patterns together. It’s cool to hear the “science” behind it so to speak and how to properly mix and match.

    Angie Chua
  • I love these ideas! Thank you. I am in the middle of some decorating myself and trying to figure out the pillow puzzle is just not natural for me. You have given me food for thought.

    Susan Bryg

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