How to Setup a Taco Bar Fiesta for The Busy Girl

What do you need to have the perfect taco bar? Well, we have done the legwork for you and have put together this excellent option that is not only delicious but also so easy to setup plus stylish and fun!

Taco Bar Fiesta Meraki Home Accents

Cinco de Mayo is probably one of my favorite holidays like we needed another excuse to have tacos, guacamole, and margaritas right?! there are a few must when it comes to having a taco bar, make sure to keep reading so you can get ready to host your Cinco de Mayo Fiesta or throw your next Mexican Theme Party

Taco Bar Fiesta for the busy girl

The most important thing that you have to remember is to have fun, and like everything in life the small details are the ones who stand out at the end, we decided to have two different kinds of tortillas to add fun and different flavor to the tacos, here the natural color and the blue tortillas that you can find in any deli or grocery store around NYC 

Cinco de Mayo Taco Party

Use baskets to style the table, and add texture to the setup, we love these seagrass baskets made by artisans in Bangladesh; they are so beautiful and functional that you will see them around our outdoor summer parties too, find these Natural Baskets here 

cinco de mayo party setup

One word, Toppings! is what makes a good taco a good taco, so add a few fun varieties or you can stick with the classics, I put together this taco bar last minute with one trip to Whole Foods and another to my nearest bodega, one night before everything was taking place, and we put it all together including the decor in a matter of one and a half hour! 

Cinco de Mayo Mexican Party

You are allowed to use whatever you want to decorate the table, I temporarily moved my new cactus and invited them to the party, they looked beautiful on the table, but any colorful item will do the trick,

We placed a few of our pom poms around  the table and they were the perfect addition, did you know that these pom poms are handmade by artisans in Mexico? find more pom poms styles here 

Mexican Taco Bar Party

We made the avocado and the pico de gallo, and with what was left we put it on the table, as a decoration, like peppers, tomatoes, cilantro, limes, just throw them around to fill any space you might have

Taco Bar Fiesta for the busy girl

Mexican Theme Party Cinco de Mayo

Don't forget to add a few salsas to your taco bar, they always come in mild-medium and spicy, so your guest can decide how they want their tacos, we got ours at Whole Foods, and they are delicious, add a few chips to dip the guacamole and the pico

Taco Bar Fiesta for The Busy Girl

Talking about Guacamole how great is the idea of using the avocado shells to place the guacamole? you can even make one per guest so they can grab one and go instead of having to come to the taco bar for more, and you know you always want more Guac 

Taco Bar Fiesta for the Busy Girl

Another thing you can do is some Nachos, and your guest can do their own! I would do one just to get the conversation started and suggest this option to them; you have everything you need after all

taco bar fiesta for the busy girl

Taco Bar Fiesta for the busy girl

Remember we talk about details? We love the look of our Mexican artisan made  Green Gingham Table Runner and these B&B Small Enamel Plates made by artisans in Guatemala you can use them for your indoor and outdoor fiestas! 

Taco Fiesta Meraki Home Accents

Cheeses and Crema is an indispensable for Mexican food, I like queso fresco and cotija cheese they are very flavorful and salty, but you can add the ones of your choice I would say two types of cheese are more than enough 

taco bar fiesta for cinco de mayo

pickled jalapenos can't miss this party, you could even make a few tacos and leave them on the table so people can feel inspired and try their own luck 

see is super easy to setup your taco bar to celebrate this Cinco de Mayo or next time you are planning to throw a party that involves tacos and margaritas, I hope you have enjoyed this, subscribe to our email list to have more fun party, and decor tips deliver right to your inbox!

Happy Cinco! 








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