How to Style A Sofa - 3 Easy Ways

How to Style a Sofa

Styling throw pillows 3 ways on 3 different size sofas.

How to Style Your Sofa - 3 Easy Ways

Time for another Design School Sunday, and today our friend Anna Davidson from Homzie Designs is sharing with us her favorite ways to style three different couches.
Styling a couch brings up many questions, especially around what are the right pillows to use? With how many pillows should I style the sofa? Today, Anna is helping you answer those questions using her favorite pillows from Sigrid and Co., so you can start having a designer looking home in no time!


Styling throw pillows 3 ways on 3 different size sofas.

If rugs are art for your floors, then throw pillows are art for your sofa. One of the easiest ways to add a pop of color and visual interest to your space is through throw pillows. Their colors, patterns, and textures help set the tone for the whole area while showing off your personal style. Choosing the right size and combination of pillows for your sofa can be tricky. We're sharing three different ways to style throw pillows on three different size sofas.

How To Style a Sofa in 3 Easy Ways

How to Style Your Sofa - 3 Easy Ways

Small Sofa

In a small space, with a smaller sofa, like a loveseat or apartment sofa, it's important to keep scale in mind when selecting throw pillows. For a couch shorter than 80" wide, we like to use 2-3 throw pillows and add a throw blanket for an added pop of color. The last thing you want is for your sofa to be too full of pillows for you even to sit and enjoy it! Start with one to two 20x20 throw pillows as the base and layer in an 18x18, or if you're a big fan of the asymmetrical look, you can try a small lumbar pillow. You'll want your base pillow to visually "pop-off" your sofa by being a lighter or contrasting color. The smaller layering pillow is a great place to bring in color and pattern. Choose a throw blanket that pulls out 2-3 of the colors used in your pillows to balance out your small sofa.

How to Style a Sofa in 3 Easy Ways


How to Style Your Sofa - 3 Easy WaysImage source: www.thelilypadcottage.com

Standard Sofa

If you can fit three people on a couch, you likely have a standard-sized sofa. These are typically 84" or larger and can come in a wide range of depths. The deeper your sofa, the larger the size throw pillows can usually carry. Standard sofas offer a wide range of possibilities when it comes to balancing throw pillows. We tend to recommend 4 - 5 throw pillows for standard size sofas. Balance complementary 20x20 and 18x18 pillows on either side of the sofa and select a third accent pillow for one side, this could be another 20x20 or, our personal favorite, a 14x20 lumbar pillow. Pro Tip: When balancing pillow patterns, it can help to remember this three-step formula: organic pattern, geometric pattern, small scale pattern. You can always throw in solids whenever balance is needed, but this formula will give you confidence in your pillow matching skills.

How to Style Your Sofa in 3 Easy WaysHow to Style Your Sofa - 3 Easy Ways

Image Source: harlowejames.com

Sectional Sofa

Sectional sofas are incredibly popular these days but can be the trickiest to style. As with standard sofas, the larger it is, the larger the throw pillows your sofa can support. Your base pillow could be as large as a 22x22 and your layering pillow a 20x20. With sectionals, the key to remember is balance. The easiest method is to make two sides the same. Have the same or very similar base and layering pillows. Then use the middle section as a focal point introducing new colors, patterns, and a third pillow. We're big fans of the 2-3-2 method on sectionals, but you can just as easily switch things up and style your sectional in a 2-2-3 balance. The key is to see what works best for you and your personal style.
Regardless of what size or style sofa you have, take advantage of throw pillows to add pops of color and a dash of personality to your space! Use the tips we've shared and start playing around with styling throw pillows on your sofa.

How to Style Your Sofa - 3 Easy Ways

I hope you loved these tips that Anna is sharing with us today.

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