Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day is just around the corner, and you can't find the perfect gift for her yet; you want something unique as she is and also something meaningful that she will remember thru the years and let's be honest will make you look like the perfect Daughter or Son,
Trust me; I understand the struggle, that's why I have put together a list of gift ideas for your Mom, that you can easily apply it for birthday also (your welcome)
You can find all of these products in the shop, so you will only be a click away from being all set for Mother's Day, yay!


1. Hand Painted Peruvian Mirrors 

It's not a surprise that these ones are on top of my list, the look of these hand painted Peruvian mirrors is so unique, blend with any home style, they are light weight, small size to fit everywhere, and carefully crafted by artisans in Peru (yes, they were hand made in Peru, shipped to NYC and then we will ship it to your home) trust me, Mom will love them 

Mother's Day Gift Guide // Sigrid & Co.

Small Peruvian Accent Mirror // Sigrid & Co.



2. Wood Boards

Whether it will be use as a decor piece or an actual cutting board in the kitchen our collection of wood boards crafted by artisans in the Philippines won't disappoint. Made from rubberwood, what contributes to the environment, and make them durable. Their rustic look will add so much character and beauty to wherever you place it. Use it also as a charcuterie or cheese board; I'm sure Mom will find the right use for it, comes in different sizes and shapes, lightweight and beautiful finish

Mother's Day Gift Guide // Sigrid & Co.

Large Wood Board // Sigrid & Co.

3. Enamel Hand Splash Painted Dinner Plates 

Because we all love a little fun on the table, you can use these enamel hand splash painted dinner plates made by artisans in Guatemala, indoors and outdoors or as plate chargers to add some style to the dining table and complete the perfect table setup, because we all know how Mom loves gatherings to display her food! 

Kitchen Decor and Dining Essentials // Sigrid & Co.

Mother's Day Gift Guide // Sigrid & Co.

4. Baskets + Hand Towels 

It's the perfect combo, I love how natural baskets looks in the bathroom to store all your shower and personal care essentials, and these seagrass baskets made by artisans in Bangladesh are not the exception, complete the gift with a set of two hand towels, made by artisans in Turkey, they come in two different colors to match any style 

Mother's Day Gift Guide // Sigrid & Co.

Seagrass Baskets // Sigrid & Co.

5. Throws 

If you are a guy reading this, let me tell you, throws are necessary for any house and women lives. They not only add so much texture, warmth, and beauty to your home but also they are a beautiful and unique gift. EVERY WOMAN loves throws, so you won't be wrong by giving this as a gift, crafted by artisans around the globe, each one supports a community of artisans, empowers them, and offers them a source of income for them and their families. 

Mother's Day Gift Guide // Sigrid & Co.
Artisan Made Throws // Sigrid & Co.

6. Maria Velvet Round Pillow

The perfect snuggling pillow, is so soft and add so much beauty to any room, this pillow was created in memory of my grandma who bravely battles Alzheimer everyday, and as a thank you for always keep the memory of me in her hearth, she is the person who inspired me to follow my dreams and who always trusted I had an eye for design, designed and crafted in NYC 

Bedroom Decor Accesories // Sigrid & Co.

Mother's Day Gift Guide // Sigrid & Co.

7. Bed Runners

and also bed spreads, take a look to our throw selection where you will find also bed spreads and our one of a kind, bed runners! do we need to say more? 

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Living Room Decor // Sigrid & Co.

8. Accent Throw Pillows

Because we can never have enough! all our pillows are crafted by artisans around the world, using fair trade practices that offer them and their families the opportunity of a better life

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Accent Pillows // Sigrid & Co.

Want more? check the site for more fun options of what to give this coming Mother's Day! 





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