Mother's Day Gift Guide (For the Mom Who Have it All)

Mother's Day Gift Guide (for the Mom who has it all)

It's that time of the year when spring is in the air, fuller trees are starting to make their way back into our lives, and the sight of daffodils and tulips are the indicators that warmer days are on the horizon, and with that, Mother's Day!

I hear it over and over. "I have no idea what to give to my Mom; she has everything! She doesn't seem to need anything!"

Really? Maybe we need to take another look. Perhaps an upgrade of her current situation would be a great place to start. 

Keep this gift guide close to you so that you can use it for your Mother's Birthday, Christmas, or any special occasion that needs to go in the hunt for a new gift for your Mom; because she doesn't have it all...yet.

The best part? All of these gifts tell a story and support artisans around the globe. Home and life accessories ethically made using fair trade practices for a more meaningful, sustainable lifestyle. Mom will love that. 

1. Cookbook Holder

Let's be honest, what Mom doesn't like to host? Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving are the most significant and most stressful events for any Mom. Let her revive her favorite family recipes in style. This cookbook stand will be a favorite when cooking for the whole family!  

2. Linen Bedding 

What's better than a good night's sleep? Linen can make any bedtime better, with a soft, breathable texture and so durable! You Mom will thank you forever for this one. 

3. Organizational Baskets 

We know every Mother has a thing for keeping everything organized, and as we get older, can you blame them?! Organizational baskets that keep the clutter away are the best thing you can give her this Mother's Day. 

4. Herb / Flower Candles 

Especially if your Mom lives in a city, these herb or flower candles are the perfect way to give a gift that keeps giving. Burn the candle and grow your herb or flower garden, right on your window sill, fresh herbs and flowers? She will love this! 

5. Colorblock Vases 

Sure, she has vases, but these vases will be her next favorite one! Perfect for displaying Mother's Day flowers or keeping her faux ones year around. Make room for the new one, she didn't know she needed a new one, but she will love this one.

6. Sunburst Peruvian Mirror

This mirror is as unique as every Mother. Handcrafted by talented artisans in Peru, every purchase positively impacts their communities; this mirror will bring stories to share and is a meaningful gift to give.  

7. Serving Board 

Perfect for the next family brunch, memorial day get-together, or any celebration that she will be hosting soon. Let her display of pastries be shown with style in this serving board, or check our charcuterie boards here, round, long, or square; which one she would prefer?  

8. Domes

Nothing is more comfortable than the taste of freshly made pastries, desserts, or anything that needs to keep fresh. Fresh fruit? You got it! Cupcakes for the grandkids? They will stay (but not for long) perfectly here for the little ones. It will be a wow moment for her. Guaranteed. 

9. Wooden Dough Bowl

Bowls so versatile that you will see them in different places every time you come over to visit your Mom. Serve salads here as a fruit bowl or use them to organize the house. The rustic, organic look will be a conversation starter. 

10. Linen Napkins

After a list of upgrades around the home for your Mother, we can't leave behind these linen napkins, use them over and over, and even pass them along to the next generation—the next family heirloom. 

Mother's Day Gift Guide (for the Mom who has it all)

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