Part 1 - Interior Design and Wall Decor Tips with Mary's Mark


Sigrid + Co. Design Tips I'm a strong believer that in a world full of noise, work, the everyday hustle and bustle where we are always running late (especially me) is very important to help each other thrive, remembering that together we go further and are stronger, and what better way than collaborating together in order to reach our goals? That's why when Mary contacted me about doing a series of blog posts about home decor I couldn't be more thrilled,
Among the many beautiful gifts that Mary have brought to my life, one is her friendship, she is not only oh so talented! but also one of the sweetest people I know,
This is the first part of a three-part series blog posts about home decor, this time, we will be talking about the basics when you start decorating a room and how to tight everything together with your wall decor, making a cohesive feeling, finding your color story and creating harmony in a space,

head to Mary's Blog or click here to visit her Blog and while doing it make sure to check her beautiful art pieces available to purchase on her website, trust me there's one for every taste and you'll love it!

Don't forget to check back next week, when we will be talking about the importance of fairtrade and things to consider in your next home purchase,

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