Perfect Cocktail Party (Nice and Easy)

Perfect Bubbly Party Cocktail - Nice and Easy

We went to one of our favorite bartenders in NYC for the perfect Cocktail recipe for the New Years Eve party, the result, and amazingly easy to make drink ideal for any occasion

Perfect Party Cocktail

We all love cocktails, but sometimes is not that easy to come up with the perfect one, so we have done the job for you with this refreshing, boozy, easy to make cocktail recipe. 

Nice and Easy Party Cocktail


1oz Vodka

1oz Grenadine (1/2 simple syrup - 1/2 pomegranate juice)

1 oz Orange Juice

Splash Lemon Juice


Pomegranate seeds

build the drink with all the ingredients, stir and top with prosecco use pomegranate seeds as a garnish and an orange slice, serve in a wine glass over ice, can also be served in a champagne flute (no ice) 

Perfect Party Cocktail Nice and Easy

Perfect Bubbly Party Cocktail

Perfect bubbly Party Cocktail Recipe

Perfect Bubbly Party Cocktail Recipe

Perfect Bubbly Party Cocktail




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