Pumpkin Carving!

It's pumpkin season! This is the best time to get creative with pumpkins, either with food, home decor, or DIY projects. We made a day trip to Connecticut and found beautiful pumpkins to carve and decorate our home for the season!
Visit a pumpkin farm. We went to beautiful Connecticut! 
Pick out some gorgeous looking pumpkins!
You'll need carving tools, tape, scissors, old newspapers for an easy clean-up, and stencil images.
Remove and cut the top of the pumpkin. Remove the inside.
Tape your image onto the pumpkin and carefully carve out the image!
After the image is traced onto the pumpkin, remove tape and image and cut out the traced pumpkin features.
Complete the finishing touches by removing excess pumpkin and trimming the edges!
Bravo! You have a pumpkin family!


  • Que precioso todo
    Yo quiero un espacio así ??

    Maritza Aguilar
  • This is a great I love it!!


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