Styling with Gingham for the Holiday Season

Styling with Gingham patterns are fun, but at times can be a little challenging. You can play around with the pattern, whether you want a more elegant touch or relaxed and fun table-scape. You can get creative when decorating with the bold pattern. We shared some tips on how to style with Gingham for the holiday season!
  • Using Gingham patterns for DIY projects, like this simple and handmade bow! A great addition to a Christmas tree or around the home for a festive look!
  • An elegant table-scape for your holiday parties. The pattern is bold, sophisticated and adds a great pop of color!
  • Simple and fun weeknight dinner get-togethers! Throwing together a quick dinner party for some friends while adding some style to the table setting brings the whole mean and night together!

  • You can use fun and bright colors for a brunch or afternoon table-scape. It's inviting and playful.

  • Using Gingham during cookie season! Leaving a plate of holiday cookies or dessert under a tablecloth or hand-towel is festive and gets everyone's attention for some cookies!

  • Simple and gorgeous Gingham napkins are great to play around with. Adding festive accents can transform the pattern, color scheme and table setup!

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