Glass Beaded Decorative Pillow - A Guatemalan Accent Decor

Our glass beading decorative pillows are the ultimate luxury accent for the house, made with more than 35,000 glass beading, all of them hand placed until the designs are perfectly finish and polished, which translates into many hours of dedicated work to bring these throw pillow covers to your home.


perfect for any homestyle these accent pillows are something that we are particularly proud of since this group of woman artisans represents one of the most successful projects of our partner Meso Good in Guatemala,

"We partnered with them in 2013, back then the artisans didn´t have a consistent source of income since they sold their products at the market," says Meso Good's CEO


Through the support given to this community, they now have the opportunity of an international market, wich ensures their income and preservation of their craft traditions,

With the constant empowering of this group of women they now have doubled their average daily income, increase in number and have had the funds to acquire new looms, from 0 they now count with 30 and beyond food they can now have the assets for clothes, school for the children and home appliances

These decorative cushions are perfect if you are looking for a colorful decor or maybe just add some accent to your home interior design, with modern designs influenced by the Mayan traditions, this could be the perfect bed or couch throw pillow shop online our collection of accent pillows including these beautiful hand beaded pillow covers

Golden Triangles Beaded Accent Pillow Red Beaded Accent Pillow Diamond Beaded Accent Pillow


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