Tips on Styling a Small Bedroom

Like many of us, we spend most our time at work, school, running errands, or commuting between our obligations. So when we finally get home, we just want a comfy bed to decompress and hide in. While that is one of the most important qualities of any bedroom, it's important to add character and your own personal style. Your bedroom is your canvas and sanctuary. We have tips on ways you can elevate your space!
  • Adding bright colors to a neutral bedroom is a subtle way to give your room a sophisticated, serene vibe!
We love this yellow-striped throw blanket. The bright yellow and fringe ends give a neutral space just enough color and texture.
A bed-runner is a sophisticated and modern idea for enhancing your bed.
  • Small art pieces can give your space character and a unique identity.
We love these ceramic decorative spheres. They are small, fun, and chic!

A small decorative dish to hold all you knick-knacks. We love this one because it has a bohemian touch!

  • Small mirrors are fun, creative, and all around gorgeous! They also add depth when layered!

We can't get enough of these beautiful, handmade, bohemian mirrors!

  • A show-stopping rug. Stepping onto something beautiful and chic first thing in the morning is sure to start the day off right!

We love this geometric, modern, and eye-catching rug!

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