Removable Wallpapers To Fall In Love With Right Now

Here you have the best wallpapers available in the market to update the look of your home, perfect for renters and small areas, and accessible to everyone! We have round up the ones that we are coveting right now and will work amazingly to refresh the look of your space. Because let's be honest as soon as the weather starts warming up, we all need a fresh start  

Yes, we have done the work for you, we have gone through pages and pages of wallpaper options out there, and we have put our favorites together (and you will love them too)

Tangier Medallion Removable Wallpaper

Tangier Medallion Removable Wallpaper by Wallshoppe

These wallpapers will work perfect either if you are looking for something for the bathroom, bedroom, living room or kitchen, the significant aspect of wallpapers is that you don't need to commit to them since nowadays there is a lot of options of removable wallpapers, 

so go ahead and enjoy your face of all things flowers, you don't need to worry if later you will lean towards abstract patterns, so let's start, shall we?

Stripes Removable Wallpaper - Navy    

Whoever knows me, also know that I am obsessed with stripes and Wallshoppe has stolen my heart they have tons of it! and all their removable wallpaper designs are bold, colorful, and beautiful 


Stripes Removable Wallpaper  

London Rose Wallpaper Smoke Grey

We have seen this bathroom all over Pinterest, and no wonder why, this romantic floral wallpaper is perfect for bathrooms, dining rooms, bedroom and guest rooms 


Palmeral Wallpaper Off White / Azure

This wallpaper is perfect for coastal style living rooms, love how it works in the bathroom or just an accent wall around the house, its stylish look will be ideal anywhere around the home 

Palmeral Wallpaper

X Marks the Spot in White/Marigold 

This wallpaper from Chasing Paper has a fun pattern to add to your home, perfect for an accent wall or gallery wall; they are removable so will work perfect for you,

they also have an excellent selection for the nursery, in my opinion, one of the largest, so take a look if you are looking for something for your kids or baby room

X marks the spot

Nana Pink Removable Wallpaper Tiles

This wallpaper is everything, is fun, is colorful and is a show stopper; you can play around with this one, right for your living room, dining room, guest room, bathroom, always a big fan of Hygge and West designs

nana pink wallpaper

Sweet Caroline Removable Wallpaper - Lavender

Currently Obsessed with this sweet, calm wallpaper, it gives just the right amount of color and sophistication to a bedroom, makes me feel like I am in the middle of the lavender fields in Provence 

Sweet Caroline Removable Wallpaper

The Palms in White 

Ok, I have to confess that I recently discover Walls Needs Love, wallpaper store, I spent a whole afternoon scrolling through the endless number of designs that they have, 

they surely have one for every taste, one of my favorites was The Palms in White, is so versatile, fun and subtle that you can use it anywhere!

The Palms in White Wallpaper

Meiying Cobalt Wallpaper

Stunning is the word that people use to describe this removable wallpaper by Graham Brown it adds a lot of character and style to your living room or bedroom 

Silver and Cobalt Removable Wallpaper

Flamingo - Cheeky Pink Removable Wallpaper

Tempaper Designs really have something for everyone, geometrics, florals; you can even design your pattern, I love this Flamingo wallpaper

Flamingo Removable Wallpaper 

Groovy Gate Wallpaper

If you like the look of geometrics with a sophisticated preppy look, Casart Coverings have a few on-point options 

Groovy Gate Removable Wallpaper

Regarding wallpapers the options are endless, and what you choose will  depend on the design that you are trying to achieve, 

I have handpicked my favorites to make it easier for you to choose, you can click on the titles of each wallpaper design to get redirected to their website where you can continue the searching if you feel I have missed something 

I hope you enjoy the wallpaper decorating process even more now that you know that commitments are not necessary for home design and don't forget to visit the store merakihomeaccents.com to complete the look 

Happy decorating!



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