Wellness at Home: 4 Products & Tips to Boost Your Mood

I'm excited about the new season at Sigrid & Co. Winter has felt so long, and I can't wait to receive warmer days; our New Arrivals are here to bring an organic, polished neutral look to your everyday living. These home accessories have a natural ambience that will elevate your home decor and will easily transition from the indoors to the outdoors; hello dining al fresco.

Recent collaborations with artisans worldwide have brought some of our most compelling selections; I'm so excited to introduce you to these new accessories. Today Amanda is talking with us about the importance of including wellness at home and her favorite products in the new line to help you achieve that. Amanda Rae is a guest-blogger/freelance writer with a passion for interior design, the outdoors, writing, and weaving them all together. Take it away, Amanda!

Wellness At Home: 4 Products and Tips to Help Your Boost Your Mood

 After living through COVID-19 for as long as we have, we all could use a little more happiness in our lives. Though the end of the pandemic seems to be in sight with the rollout of vaccines, there are at least several months to go before we reach a sense of normalcy. Through all of this, it’s fairly obvious that we’ve been spending at least twice as much time at home over the past year.

Our homes have served many roles through the pandemic. While home has always been a safe haven from the stress of everyday life, it is no longer just a place for rest. Our homes have become our offices and gyms. They’ve been settings for virtual happy hours and other virtual celebrations, endless Netflix binges, and family (or solo–no judgment!) dance parties. Without the ability to go out and explore, we’ve had to get creative, and we’ve realized our homes need to be as dynamic as our personalities. Sigrid & Co. has a vast number of delightful and sustainable items that you can bring into your home to increase your wellness by doing something good for the planet and supporting master artisans around the world.

1. Candle and Herb Garden

We all love a good two-for-one deal, don’t we? Candles create a soothing ambiance and awaken the senses, and there is endless research proving the health and wellness benefits of either spending time in nature or bringing nature indoors. With this candle and herb garden, you get the benefits of both. After you’ve enjoyed the candle, you simply plant the accompanying seed disc in the candle jar and you’ll soon have fresh herbs for your use. Talk about reducing and reusing! There are a variety of scent and herb options (lime leaf and oregano, mint basil, thyme and parsley, chamomile and avocado), and there’s also a flower version.

Wellness Tip: Fresh herbs are such an easy way to upgrade any dish, and it’s so much easier when you have them growing in your kitchen, and they won’t go bad before you use them like when you buy them from the grocery store.

2. Glass Color Block Flower Vase

To go along with the nature theme, this stunning flower vase (which comes in several different colors!) is a classy addition to any home. Put it somewhere you’ll see it most and let it encourage you to buy yourself those flowers on your next trip to the grocery store. The sight of fresh flowers is sure to make you smile, especially in a vase as gorgeous as this.

Wellness Tip: Place this vase with fresh flowers near your entryway. It will bring you the sense of relief you need when you walk in the door after a long day!

3. Wellness Soy Blend Candles

Yes, more candles, because there’s no such thing as too many. This isn’t just any candle. $2.00 from every candle purchase goes to Ardent Solutions, Inc., an organization dedicated to preventing suicide and promoting community wellness. Not only will you be doing something good for the community, but the candles also come with positive affirmations, and you can reuse the lovely candle jar as a vase.

Wellness Tip: Light this candle to signify the end of your work day.

4. Eden Vase in Neutrals

Sigrid & Co. has so many unique, handcrafted items fit for every personality, and this lovely vase made in Rwanda is one of the newer options added to the shop. This piece will add a rare, earthy touch to your space.

Wellness Tip: Filling your home with items that are truly reflective of who you are is one way to ensure your home brings you joy.

We’re all eager to get out and travel again, and until we can, shopping Sigrid & Co. is one way to elevate your happiness, celebrate culture, and feel like you’ve traveled until it’s safe to do so again. What are some ways you’ve incorporated wellness at home?

This post was written by guest-blogger/freelance writer Amanda Rae. You can find her over at @amandarae_way on Instagram or amandaraeway.com where she shares her passion for interior design, the outdoors, writing, and weaving them all together.

Wellness at Home: 4 Products and Tips to Boost Your Mood


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