About Sigrid & Co.

Sigrid & Co.
Welcome, there! I'm Sigrid, the founder of Sigrid & Co.!

I grew up in the colorful, yet-to-be-discovered magical country of Honduras, surrounded by history, culture, flavors, nature, beautiful beaches, and unique picturesque artisan towns, and communities. I've work in Marketing and Event Organizations all my life, but my heart has always been in design, a passion that was born while seeing and spending time with my hard-working grandma in her seamstress studio. As a kid, I used to sketch my dresses, and grandma would bring my wild kid desires to life, because of her, I learned a lot about working with fabrics, artistic pieces and the basics of designing and creating a beautiful garment piece or accessory for the home.

Fast forward, when I had just moved into my new apartment in NYC, I tried to fill it with meaningful objects that will make me feel at home. I searched high and low for accessories that will add beauty to my new home, but more importantly, add some soul to it. Having very little luck, I couldn't help but wonder; maybe I'm not the only one trying to make my house feel like home? Adding meaning and some heart to it, a place where I can connect to myself and the world, feel inspired and share that story with others?
So I started to do some research, and having grown up surrounded by talent during my time in Honduras, it was just natural to come back to this path.

Sigrid & Co. was born on a chilly autumn night, with the mission to help you make your house a home, helping you connect with the world, yourself, and others. Encouraging you to live a more conscious, sustainable life that will make a difference in the way you live but also will make an impact in other people's lives, right at your home.

I collaborate with talented artisans and fair trade organizations around the world to bring you thoughtfully designed pieces blending modern touches with traditional, time tested techniques. Every home accessory in my collections shares with you the artisan's craftmanship expertise and their story, and gives them, their family and community a change of a better life. One purchase at a time.

You can also open the doors of your home to the world and tell your story through exotic and unique pieces that will thoughtfully decorate your home. By purchasing through my online store, you're allowing me to continue to empower and keep communities of artisans in different parts of the world alive, so they can also keep telling their story.

I have so much to share with you and stories to tell that will help you live a more conscious and meaningful life at home, while you are here, please join our email list, I will be sharing with you exclusive offers and promotions; design tips, and you will be the first one to know when new arrivals hit the shop. Here is to new friendships!

Much love,

Founder, Sigrid & Co.